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NBR 8 TON MINERAL WAGON KIT – 4mm : 1 foot

A test build of two the kits, unpainted
A test build of the kit, unpainted
A test build of the kit, unpainted, showing the characteristic end door

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A limited edition run of this vehicle has been commissioned by the North British Railway Study Group. These wagons had an 8 ton capacity, were 15'3" long over buffers, 7'6" wide and had a 6'0" wheelbase.

The kit itself contains the following:

Wheels and couplings are left to purchaser to source, to suit their own gauge (00, EM or P4) and preferences.

The late WGM Sewell, in his book on NBR wagons, available from the group - see our sales page - says:

WG Sewell drawing 19

‘Illustration 19 shows an early type of mineral wagon rated for 8 tons of the heavier materials such as sand and gravel. The drawing, 37W, is dated September 1880 but the drawing number indicates a much earlier date of – perhaps – around 1870. Like the coaching series, the Cowlairs wagon drawings show some evidence of a lack of chronological order in the early years but wagons like 37W certainly existed before 1880… The whole concept of this vehicle indicates an early design date and the influence of the Chaldron wagon can clearly be seen; the outside ribs were traditional in the making of farm carts.

Dumb buffers were fitted and these remained popular in Scotland long after their withdrawal in England but the wagon shown does have continuous drawgear. This may also be a modification as it was not common before 1875. It will be seen that the North British type of end door was fitted and this continued, virtually unchanged, until 1922 and beyond.’

The price of the kit is £16·50 (£15·00 to members) plus £3·50 postage and packing and it will be supplied on a strictly first come first served basis.

If you would like one of these kits, please use our contact page to get in touch with our Sales Officer and place your order.