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As its title implies, the Group’s principal objective is to promote the study of the North British Railway, its constituent companies and its successors. For that purpose, we are always grateful to accept for study and recording any small items related to the NBR, such as photographs, timetables and other Company publications, tickets, staff and social records (including reminiscences) and other artefacts. We will be grateful to accept these either as an outright gift, or as a loan for a short-term specified period, with or without permission to copy and / or reproduce, or under such conditions as agreed with the owner. Donors and copyright holders will always be credited where appropriate. Any items donated as an outright gift will be accepted under the terms of our Archive Policy which can be found by following the link below.

If you have any such items and want to ensure that they will be preserved for study by future generations, please get in touch. You can use the link below to contact us.

Thank you.