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Modelling the North British Railway

These pages have been produced to assist modellers to identify ready-to-run models, kits for locomotives and rolling stock, and parts that will help them recreate the NBR in model form.

At present the information is confined to 4mm (00, EM and P4 gauges) and 7mm (0 and S7 gauges). If you know of any models in other scales, please use the contact page to get in touch with the webmaster.

Models, kits and parts

If you would like to find out more, please follow the links below.

NBRSG Resin Kits of NBR vehicles

The kits of the Corpse Van, the 8 ton mineral wagon and the 8 ton covered goods van have now sold out.

Ballast Wagon kit

Our 4mm ballast wagon kit is now available. Click the link below to see the instructions.

The wagon modelled is the NBR Dia. 87, LNER Dia. 30B 8 Ton, 3-Plank Drop-side Ballast Wagon. Built between 1895 and 1907, the last was withdrawn by 1953. The kit consists of a one piece resin body, a specially commissioned brass detail etch and MJT w-irons as well as white metal castings for the spring and grease axleboxes.

The kit is suitable for 00, EM and P4.

Below is a photograph of the resin cast body, showing the fine detail that is included (hover on the image to enlarge it).

A view of the resin casting – 1, unpainted


The group normally attends the Perth Model Railway Group Exhibition (June) and the Falkirk Model Railway Club Exhibition (November) – for dates, locations and other details please follow the links below.