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Photograph collection

The Group has a substantial photograph collection covering all aspects of the NBR’s operations, particularly its stock of locomotives, from its earliest years in the 1840s to the end of the Company’s independent existence. In addition, there are many photographs covering the LNER and British Railways periods. The Group has digitised the majority of these images and a searchable online catalogue with previews of each image is available to members. At present this contains over 27,500 entries, each with preview photographs, and work is continuing. We hope that this will be a valuable aid to members’ research.

Other material

The NBRSG has amassed an archive of material relating to the North British Railway and its predecessors and successors. The material has for some time been held in storage by the Group. In order to make it more widely available to the Group and other researchers most of the material has now been placed in the custody of the National Records of Scotland.

In making the transfer the Group provided NRS with a copy of its Archive Catalogue which is being converted by NRS to its own cataloguing system. The Group’s archive has been assigned the NRS Catalogue prefix GD536 and items will appear in the NRS Catalogue as GD536/* where * is the original NBRSG Archive Catalogue number. The NRS has given an undertaking that pending the appearance of the archive in the NRS On-line Catalogue members of NBRSG can request to view any item subject to the usual terms of access to NRS material. These can be found on the NRS website at www.nas.gov.uk. An important aspect of access to material is that it must be ordered at least 48 hours before it can be viewed in the Historical Search Room at General Register House. Material can be ordered by email to enquires@nas.gov.uk or by telephone 0131 535 1334.

While the NRS is cataloguing the NBRSG Archive members of NBRSG wishing to view any item should first ascertain the NBRSG Archive Catalogue Number by consulting the Group’s Archivisit by submitting an enquiry via this website.

It should be stressed that potential enquirers should familiarise themselves with the NRS procedures for access to any of its material. Do not turn up at General Register House and expect to view material on demand. That way will lead to disappointment.

Below are links to catalogues for the NRS archive and materials retained by the NBRSG.