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The Study Group is managed by a committee consisting of four office-bearers, namely chairman, vice-chairman, treasurer, secretary, and four ordinary committee members, two of whom currently serve as sales officer and newsletter editor respectively. The committee members are elected on a two yearly rotational basis by the members of the Group. The Journal Editor is appointed by the committee, of which he is also a member ex officio. The current Journal Editor has been appointed webmaster. The members of the committee constitute the charity trustees. The committee has also made two further appointments, namely a membership secretary and an archivist. The members of the committee and other officers for the current year 2021 to 2022 are as follows:

Chair: Robin Boog
Vice Chair: Andrew Boyd
Treasurer: Graham Dick
Secretary: John Wilson
Ordinary Committee Member: Ian Currie
Sales Officer: Keith Crombie
Newsletter Editor: Ian Terrell
Journal Editor: David King
Webmaster: David King
Membership Secretary: Andrew Jones
Archivist: Ed McKenna

Contacting us

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